My favorite time of the year.

Not only is Fall my favorite season of the year because of how amazingly beautiful everything looks, but also because it officially marks the start of the best months when it comes to the movie industry.

Sure, year after year the Summer brings us amazing blockbusters that we love to enjoy because they keep us entertained, (honorable mention to Star Trek: Into Darkness, Despicable Me 2, World War Z, Iron Man 3, Monsters University, Man of Steel and Pacific Rim for bringing in all the big bucks earlier this Summer season!) but there's something about the dramas -and along with those new features, all the Oscar contenders for next year- that captures my attention more than anything else.

If you know me, then you are aware of how much I go to the movies and how much I enjoy watching a film that will leave me feeling chills all over even hours after I walk out of the theater. Hopefully, this Fall/Winter season will bring along many movies that will make me fall in love with cinematography all over again.

Anyways, here's a list of what films you should look forward to and why. Enjoy and hit the comments with your opinion if you feel like talking to a ranting movie nerd!